Frank has his own studio in Copenhagen. See the gear list below. He has produced several albums, including for The Savage Rose, Catbird, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Danish Radio, Theater, documentary and commercials.


DAWS Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.12 (Logic 10.4)

OUTBOARD Tubetech MEC 1A, Tubetech LL, Orange amp, Fender amps, Space echos, Alesis verb, Lexicon 224, Dynacord trem,

MICS Sony 800 CG, Neumann u67, sm 58, 57, shure 7

MIXER Trident, Mackie

KEYS Nordstage 2, Receptor Quattro, Planet Phatt, Wavesation, SE electronics, 

VIRTUAL INSTR NI Komplete ultimate 12, East West gold, Output

ACOUSTIC all kinds of horns, strings, guitars, Bösendorfer